Star Wars Week Day 8!

Phew... Final day and I am tired! but already working on my next project... at this rate my kitchen will never stay clean for more than a few hours at best! 

Anyway.. here is my attempt at a desert table in my apartment. I used a black table cloth from a party store as I didn't have a cloth one, but next time I will use cloth because it doesn't reflect light for photos! 
This pic is a top view of the entire table... from right to left we have the three movies, Episode IV. (The Death Star) Episode V. (Luke and Darth light saber fighting on cupcakes) and Episode VI (The ewok) with some supplementray treats to fill the table. (Plus my room mates pez dispensers!) 
Episode IV:
Episode V: 

Episode VI:

 When the guests got to the apartment they found this:
And were then greeted with this:
I know, I know we are nerds but sometimes its super fun to be a nerd! 

Here are some more pics of the table! 

 Lots of sweets and sugar, with some 'Yoda Soda' to drink.
 The Yoda Soda is a variation of a drink of the same name in the 'Wookie Cookie" cook book, (you can find it on Amazon) Its a can of limeaide, mixed with club soda and some lemon juice and toped off with Key Lime Ice cream! (Oh and some vodka...) it was awesome, I will be making it again for sure.

Last parting party shot... My roommate and his lightsaber attacking my desert table. (We had a good time taking photos with the light saber and the ewok... the poor ewok got stabbed half way thru the night...)
 Anyway, Happy baking! (Im going to sleep now for about a million hours!)

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