Grrr Baby!

This week I made a blue and Red tiger stripe cake for a friend of mine! He designed this cake to help him woo a girl for her birthday! Cute right? He asked for blue and red (her favourite colours) tiger stripes with a bow on the top! I wasn't to sure about it.. I had never done tiger tripes before but I think it turned out really well!

The cake itself is a chocolate fudge cake with a chocolate gnache and fresh strawberry filling!

 Yum, that chocolate gnache was awesome! It was both the filling and the 'dirty icing' on the cake. (the dirty icing allows the fondant to stick to the cake) The cake was then covered in blue fondant and red tiger stripes were added. I really like the look of the tiger stripes. I will be doing that again!

Looks cute eh? Here are some more beauty shots!

On the other side of the cake is a plate with the birthday girls name! But I will add that after the party just in case!! 

Happy baking! 

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