The cake on the plan for the weekend was a super cute Eeyore! I received the order and honestly had no idea how I was going to do it! I thought about it for a while and decided that carving a cake was going to be the best if it was carved. So I baked a round chocolate cake and an oval chocolate cake and then carved them into a general Eeyore shape. (When it was just covered in grey fondant it did look a lot like a hippo, and I was starting to worry!!) 

I think he turned out really well though Im pretty pleased! (And so was the customer. His wife is a huge Eeyore fan so he ordered this cake for her birthday! Isn't that so sweet?!) Here are some a few more quick beauty shots! 

 Poor Eeyore's tail fell off again, good thing it's close by!

He just looks so sad and cute! I was sad to see him go!
Here is something new that Im trying, I took a time lapse video of making the cake. This is just the practice video, Im super excited about the next video so check back next week!


Anyway thats all for now!
Happy baking!

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