Star Wars Week Day 2!

(Read that with the Darth Vader breathing sounds.... it makes more sense.... kinda...)

DAY 2! Darth Vader Cookies! 
So last year I was on a business trip in the states and stumbled upon these cookie cutters at Williams Sonoma. I loved them and had to have them, they didn't fit in my suitcase but that didn't stop me! I carried them on as my hand luggage! I went back to Williams Sonoma this spring and bought more Star Wars goodies, but more on that later...

To start, Make your favourite sugar cookie dough, and roll it out to a 1/4" thickness. Put icing sugar on the counter to prevent the dough from sticking and cut out your cookies! Cook according to your recipe and let cool. Now the fun part... 

I used royal icing, but buttercream would work as well. Make some 'stiff' black icing and pipe the outline using a small round tip (I used a wilton #3) 
Next, Make the 'runny' black icing (Just add some more water to the stiff black icing, but save some stiff for later!) And fill in the outline. 

Now we have a faceless Darth Vader! 

Finally, pipe the facial features on top and voila! Darth Vader cookies! Cute aren't they? Well as cute as Darth can be!

(That's Darth Vader for 'Happy Baking!')

********************************* SNEAK PEAK ***********************************
Here are the cakes that will be made into star wars treats this week... can you guess what they are going to be?! 

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