My First Wedding Cake!

Whoa, started the first post of the new year off with a lie! This is actually my second wedding cake, the first was for this grooms sister. All (two) of my wedding cakes have gone to the same family... the first one looked like this...

 Cute eh? It was black and white and cream, and turned out pretty well... it was only 2 tiers, with a fondant bow, not your traditional wedding cake, but it suited the wedding...

The wedding cake for this post was for my very good friends from highschool/university. (I did my Degree with the groom) The Bride asked for a purple cake, three tiers, with white flowers. (The groom wanted to know why I was crying 'tears' into his cake and how I could control how many there would be in the cake, we then explained what a cake tier is.)

Here is the 'naked' cake, just covered in fondant. The purple fondant took along time to make, Thanks again to all of the helpers who kneaded fondant! 

The next thing to go on the cake were the fondant roses, White roses, don't they look pretty? 

They look a little yellow in the photo, but were bright white in person! 

The bride and groom are a non-traditonal couple so they didn't have anything  specific in mind for their cake topper, so I did my best to make them one. I never did fondant figures before so they are pretty rough draft but turned out pretty cute!

Put all the pieces together and this is what you get! 
Once again, it looked more purple in real life, I had a hard time getting the colour balance just right for photos! 
Side view, and then one from the back! (The couple was originally supposed to be holding hands, but then they would have been to far apart on the cake! So he has his arm around her.... However in real life it looks like he has his hand on her bum! good thing the cake was in a corner!)

Finally a shot of the lovely couple cutting their cake! The wedding was in November, this post took along time to come up so happy 2 month and a week anniversary guys! Congratulations again!!