Star Wars Week Day 8!

Phew... Final day and I am tired! but already working on my next project... at this rate my kitchen will never stay clean for more than a few hours at best! 

Anyway.. here is my attempt at a desert table in my apartment. I used a black table cloth from a party store as I didn't have a cloth one, but next time I will use cloth because it doesn't reflect light for photos! 
This pic is a top view of the entire table... from right to left we have the three movies, Episode IV. (The Death Star) Episode V. (Luke and Darth light saber fighting on cupcakes) and Episode VI (The ewok) with some supplementray treats to fill the table. (Plus my room mates pez dispensers!) 
Episode IV:
Episode V: 

Episode VI:

 When the guests got to the apartment they found this:
And were then greeted with this:
I know, I know we are nerds but sometimes its super fun to be a nerd! 

Here are some more pics of the table! 

 Lots of sweets and sugar, with some 'Yoda Soda' to drink.
 The Yoda Soda is a variation of a drink of the same name in the 'Wookie Cookie" cook book, (you can find it on Amazon) Its a can of limeaide, mixed with club soda and some lemon juice and toped off with Key Lime Ice cream! (Oh and some vodka...) it was awesome, I will be making it again for sure.

Last parting party shot... My roommate and his lightsaber attacking my desert table. (We had a good time taking photos with the light saber and the ewok... the poor ewok got stabbed half way thru the night...)
 Anyway, Happy baking! (Im going to sleep now for about a million hours!)

Star Wars Week, Day 7!

Thats no moon.... Its a cake! This cake was a huge challenge for me! I have never made a ball cake before and I think I know how to do it better now, always learning! I think next time I have to use stiffer fondant, my apartment is 1000 degrees so the fondant (and the cake) were melting. The MMF I use was just not up to the job! Next time I'll use gum paste or modeling chocolate and make a candy shell and sit the cake in it. All I have to do now is think up a reason to make another ball cake (Possibly a Snitch for the HP premier?!) 

Anyway... back to the Death Star! I wanted to give it the allusion that it was floating so I put it on an upside down clear martini glass! It worked pretty well and I think the photo's turned out well! 

 I LOVE glitter and sparkle dust, but my mom (and now my roommate) wont let me have it... HOWEVER they have not said anything about cake glitter! The silver pearl dust makes the details just pop!

 Here are some more beauty shots... I really liked how it turned out... but im sure the next ball cake will look even better!

 I used sliver and blue sparkles to look like the lights on the ship.
 All we need now is a x - wing flying into the cannon to blow up the ship! (with the Millennium Falcon swooping in to help!)

So here is how the Death Star was REALLY made...

(video doesn't have music as youtube has copyright issues. Can anyone suggest a song that is starwars-y that I can use?)  

Last parting shot of the death star and some party pics to come! 

Happy Baking!

Star Wars week Day 6!

Super fast post tonight, it is party planning in full swing at the apartment! 

So for my room mates b day I got him a starwars lunch kit that came with sandwich cutters! So I though... I cold make donuts with those cutters! Turns out... they don't work to well. but man they taste awesome! (Just so you know the donuts are supposed to be the Millennium Falcon and a Ti Fighter.) 

 Kinda ti- fighter like... but naked!
 mmmm thats better! Nothing that a little CHOCOLATE wont fix!

The mellenium falcon was a lost cause I think though... I even added a strip of blue sprinkles but it still isn't very Facon- like... Oh well I guess i'll just have to eat them! 

(A video of making the donuts to come!!! Stay Tuned and Happy Baking!) 

Star Wars Week, Day 5!

 More cookies!!!!  This is the Star Wars vehicles cookie cutter set. Man were these every a TONNE of work to decorate! So many colours and little components!

Here are a few beauty shots, busy day today, baking and cleaning the apartment for the big party tomorrow! Getting excited!

 This is what the dough looks like after it's been pressed. I think they are pretty neat without the icing!

 OOooOOoOo I like the Death Star.

The Mellenium Falcon looks a little shaky, it was pretty tricky! Next time I will use a finer tip and just do all of one set, instead of trying to do so many different cookies at a time! 

 (A little foreshadowing to whats coming up soon!)

Happy Baking!

Star Wars Week, Day 4!

Star wars Cupcakes!!! 

I found these AWESOME cupcake sets at Williams Sonoma this spring and loved them. Unfortunately I didn't buy them because I am an idiot, however Williams Sonoma now ships to Canada! Woot! 

The kit includes these awesome cupcake liners as well so that Chewy and the bots can get in on the cupcake fun/action! 

The 'Rebel Scum' cupcakes are Strawberry Cream with a strawberry buttercream topping! Yum! The recipe is very simple, make your favourite vanilla cake recipe and chop up a whole bunch of strawberries really small and mix them in! Yum! 

 The Empire cupcakes are Blue Lemonade (Blue because the Empire wrappers were blue and lemon because I LOVE lemon cupcakes. They are my fav for sure!)
 I love the storm troopers. They are going to make a good addition to my next cake! It has been a busy day let me tell you! Decorating cupcakes, making an awesome cake... then tomorrow is another awesome star wars treat and cleaning the apartment for the party on Friday!
 I think the storm troopers kinda look like they are aiming for Darth but oh well!

Battle Young Skywalker!

Here is my favourite scene in the movies... Han is a close second for my favourite character, Artoo being my fav!
Anyway I'm off to decorate! 

Happy Baking! 

Star Wars Week! Day 3


You guessed it! The teddy bear cake was for an Ewok cake! Here are some quick shots of the cake, I'm going to post a time lapse video of it later on this week! 

 This cake is almost fondant free, it uses the left over fondant from the girl guides cake. (So I didn't have to make more fondant, YAY!!!)

 I used the star tip and smeared it with a tooth pic, because honestly the Ewok's run around in the forest, their fur would not be perfect stars!

I like that the Ewok's have buck teeth. It makes them super cute! 

And what would an Ewok be without his spear!? How would he fight off the Storm Troopers? 

Okay, lets try out this video thing again! 

Star Wars Week Day 2!

(Read that with the Darth Vader breathing sounds.... it makes more sense.... kinda...)

DAY 2! Darth Vader Cookies! 
So last year I was on a business trip in the states and stumbled upon these cookie cutters at Williams Sonoma. I loved them and had to have them, they didn't fit in my suitcase but that didn't stop me! I carried them on as my hand luggage! I went back to Williams Sonoma this spring and bought more Star Wars goodies, but more on that later...

To start, Make your favourite sugar cookie dough, and roll it out to a 1/4" thickness. Put icing sugar on the counter to prevent the dough from sticking and cut out your cookies! Cook according to your recipe and let cool. Now the fun part... 

I used royal icing, but buttercream would work as well. Make some 'stiff' black icing and pipe the outline using a small round tip (I used a wilton #3) 
Next, Make the 'runny' black icing (Just add some more water to the stiff black icing, but save some stiff for later!) And fill in the outline. 

Now we have a faceless Darth Vader! 

Finally, pipe the facial features on top and voila! Darth Vader cookies! Cute aren't they? Well as cute as Darth can be!

(That's Darth Vader for 'Happy Baking!')

********************************* SNEAK PEAK ***********************************
Here are the cakes that will be made into star wars treats this week... can you guess what they are going to be?!