Guide Camp!

One of my 'hobbies' is that I volunteer with Girl Guides (Girl Scouts down in the states) and this weekend is our year end camp! (the girls are excited, the leaders are tired and it hasn't even started!) So for the final meeting we had a family picnic to go over camp stuff, what to pack etc. My addition to the picnic was... you guessed it! A cake! 

 The cake was inspired by our camp... tents, sleeping bags, hiking trails, and marshmallows over the open fire! Yum!
 Around the side of the cake is the lyrics to one of our most popular songs! 'Fire's Burning'. Its the song we use to get the girls to stand in a circle at the meeting so that we can wrap up the meetings. Its also a great round song!

Here are a couple more beauty shots!

This guide wouldn't win 'tidy camper' (An award that rarely was awarded to me and my mess making abilities!) she left her back pack and sleeping bags around the fire site! 

Wish me luck at camp this weekend! (Fingers crossed the forecast is wrong and it doesn't rain!!!) 

Happy Baking! 

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