Chocolate Ganache Tutorial!

Alright... first tutorial of the year.... or ever actually... not sure I've ever done one! Anyway... On to the tutorial!

Here are the things you need:

8 Ounces Semi Sweet Chocolate
2/3 Cup Cream
2 Tbsp Butter

Start with your 8 oz of chocolate....
 Chop the chocolate finely and put it in a heat proof bowl. (I use my measuring cup... works like a charm!)

 Next heat the cream on medium until it begins to simmer... be careful to not over cook the cream, it will not taste good and the pot will be almost impossible to clean!

Once the cream is heated, pour it over the chopped chocolate. Let the cream/chocolate mixture sit for one full minute.
 After a minute stir the chocolate and cream until all the chocolate melts. (If you still have some chocolate chunks heat it in the microwave for a couple seconds but watch it closely!)

Next add you butter and stir to combine...

Yum... licking the spoon is the best part!
 Let the ganache stand until thick enough to pipe through a piping bag, or to spreadable consistency, depending on what you are using the ganache for! If you need to speed up the thickening pop the ganache in the fridge... stirring it every 10 mins.
 I was using this batch of ganache to fill cupcakes. A nice surprise for the cupcake - eater!

Ganache is a great for pretty much anything you need it for! It is a good cake topping, a good filling, or a good base for fondant!

Stay tuned for St. Patrick's Day cupcakes!
Happy Baking!

Baby Shower Cake!

Sorry for my (too long) absense! I have a whole list of excuses... bought a house.. moved in... Christmas... Birthday... Work... etc. etc. etc. But back to the cakes!

This weeks cake was made for a friend leaving on Mat leave... her and her hubby are big packers fans and the office wanted a baby belly cake... this was the perfect compromise!

Thanks and Happy Baking!