Baking Day part 2, the Cakes!

So this week was spend decorating the cakes that were baked last week!
The first cake decorated was for my friends 21st birthday. She requested a a giant cupcake so thats what she got!

Using cake 1 from the last post... some more dreaded 7 minute frosting, and a couple of hot-pink fondant roses the cake turned out quite well. It was a french vanilla cake with a vanilla filling!

The second cake was for another friends birthday on Monday and it turned out really well!

This was done using cakes 2 and 6 from the last post. He requested a marble cake so the baseball hat was chocolate vanilla marble cake with a chocolate cake base.

The last cake was made for a cancer fundraiser at the university. The annual engineering head shave. The week before the big cut the engineers participating die their hair hot pink hence the colour of the cake.

The cake was a beer cake with a chocolate 'razor'. Made from cakes 5 and 3. More cakes to come!

A Baking Day!

This week was spend baking cakes in my free time... with not a lot of free time to spare I thought that I would get ahead on my baking and bake all the cakes I would need for the Christmas Party season, some upcoming birthdays, and a school event and freeze them.

For this task I needed to break out my mom's mix master. (I almost destroyed it last year making my birthday cake till I got my own mix master!)
With two mix masters and a lot of 'pamed' cake pans I got to work....

On the first hour of baking day my true love gave to me.... 1 vanilla cake, 1 chocolate cake, and a chocolaty marble cake...

On the second hour of baking day my true love gave to me... 1 more chocolate cake....

On the third hour of baking day my true love gave to me.... an extra large beer cake, and 1 more chocolate cake....

On the last hour of baking day my true love gave to me.... 2 white chocolate cakes....
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

Phew... thats a lot of cakes... (and a LOT of dirty cake pans!)

I suppose my true love in this case is the combination of two mix masters and my moms oven... to each her own I guess!

And what am I making out of these cakes? You'll have to wait and see!


Okay so i've been making these cakes for about a year, so I thought i'd do a post of my previous cakes. Since im new to the blog world these cakes don't come with the 'making of' photos.
Cake #1: Hawaii 5-0!

I made this cake for my Mom's 50th birthday. We were planning a trip to Hawaii and so a Hawaii themed party seemed appropriate! The palm tree leaves just didn't want to harden but they stayed up!

Cake #2: Spaghetti Bolognese.

I made this for my boyfriends dad. The 'sauce' is strawberry jam and the 'meatballs' are Ferrero Rocher Chocolates! The idea came from a great cupcake book my friend gave me for christmas last year, Hello Cupcake. Great book with great tips and ideas!

Cake #3: Iphone

I was really pleased with how this cake turned out, I had a great time making the 'apps'. The cake was made for my boyfriend (an iphone addict) on his 22 birthday. The cake itself was an orange cake soaked in Grand Mariner. It was awesome.

Cake #4: Go Bison!

My Mom got us a new cake pan, shaped like a teddy bear. Well you'll never use a teddy bear cake pan...wrong. We used it three times in a week and a half! This time the teddy bear was turned into a bison to support my cousins hockey team (The Manitoba Bison)! The Bison's curls were chocolate curls (the remainder of the curls used on the Giant Cupcake below!)

Cake #5: Bum ba bum bum BUM!

I made this as a request from a friend. She wanted a bum with a pink thong for her boyfriends 30th birthday. (we added a heart shaped tattoo with his name on it) I was really pleased with the end result, it turned out really well!

Well thats enough of a trip down memory lane for one evening! I have all my cakes on facebook, I think this link will work even if you don't have facebook.

7 Minute Frosting

7 Minute Frosting my butt.... This frosting took a lot longer than 7 minutes.. but the result was worth it! This cupcake recipe was from the Cupcake Deck, its just a simple chocolate cupcake recipe with the allusive 7 minute frosting.
I tried to make this frosting last week, but after I had half beaten the egg white/sugar mixture the plumber came and I had to quit for a while and then I couldn't get the frosting to thicken at all. So earlier I tried to make the 7 minute frosting and once again it didn't thicken at all... stupid frosting. I followed the recipe exactly and it still didn't work so then I got to thinking that maybe it was the type of handheld mixer I was using.

This mixer was not working... so a quick trip to canadian tire and 9 dollars later...

a new hand held mixer!
okay third times a charm... This time the icing defiantly did thicken yay! However.. I only have a small double boiler so it thickened enough that I had to remove a cup of the frosting from the double boiler and finish mixing it later! You mix the frosting until it starts to peak.. I think that I stopped mixing it too soon but at this point it had been three hours and the 7 minutes were up....

The frosting was then piled onto the fresh chocolate cupcakes...

until it was all gone....

The cupcakes were really good, however im not sure the 7 minute frosting was worth it! (they do look good though! and they tasted pretty good to!)


Currently my Mom and I are taking the fourth wilton cake decorating course. (We thought the course was fondant flowers, its not its mostly covering a cake in fondant but there are a lot of helpful hints!) The course requires us to drape fondant to look like fabric, so we thought that we could easily drape the fabric to look like a ghost!

I was really pleased with how this cake turned out! The middle layer was a orange flavoured cake, and the bottom layer chocolate (there was a small chocolate layer under the ghost) Im new to the blog thing so I didn't take as many photos, ill try better next time! I do have a photo of the cake prior to candy corn... I think that the candy corn made it though!

And a close up of the bag of candy....

The cake was a huge hit! Almost the whole cake was gone!
Finally heres a photo of the party guests behind the cake, group shot!