Okay so i've been making these cakes for about a year, so I thought i'd do a post of my previous cakes. Since im new to the blog world these cakes don't come with the 'making of' photos.
Cake #1: Hawaii 5-0!

I made this cake for my Mom's 50th birthday. We were planning a trip to Hawaii and so a Hawaii themed party seemed appropriate! The palm tree leaves just didn't want to harden but they stayed up!

Cake #2: Spaghetti Bolognese.

I made this for my boyfriends dad. The 'sauce' is strawberry jam and the 'meatballs' are Ferrero Rocher Chocolates! The idea came from a great cupcake book my friend gave me for christmas last year, Hello Cupcake. Great book with great tips and ideas!

Cake #3: Iphone

I was really pleased with how this cake turned out, I had a great time making the 'apps'. The cake was made for my boyfriend (an iphone addict) on his 22 birthday. The cake itself was an orange cake soaked in Grand Mariner. It was awesome.

Cake #4: Go Bison!

My Mom got us a new cake pan, shaped like a teddy bear. Well you'll never use a teddy bear cake pan...wrong. We used it three times in a week and a half! This time the teddy bear was turned into a bison to support my cousins hockey team (The Manitoba Bison)! The Bison's curls were chocolate curls (the remainder of the curls used on the Giant Cupcake below!)

Cake #5: Bum ba bum bum BUM!

I made this as a request from a friend. She wanted a bum with a pink thong for her boyfriends 30th birthday. (we added a heart shaped tattoo with his name on it) I was really pleased with the end result, it turned out really well!

Well thats enough of a trip down memory lane for one evening! I have all my cakes on facebook, I think this link will work even if you don't have facebook.

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