Baking Day part 2, the Cakes!

So this week was spend decorating the cakes that were baked last week!
The first cake decorated was for my friends 21st birthday. She requested a a giant cupcake so thats what she got!

Using cake 1 from the last post... some more dreaded 7 minute frosting, and a couple of hot-pink fondant roses the cake turned out quite well. It was a french vanilla cake with a vanilla filling!

The second cake was for another friends birthday on Monday and it turned out really well!

This was done using cakes 2 and 6 from the last post. He requested a marble cake so the baseball hat was chocolate vanilla marble cake with a chocolate cake base.

The last cake was made for a cancer fundraiser at the university. The annual engineering head shave. The week before the big cut the engineers participating die their hair hot pink hence the colour of the cake.

The cake was a beer cake with a chocolate 'razor'. Made from cakes 5 and 3. More cakes to come!


  1. They look GREAT Chelsea! This time the 7 minute icing actually took 7 minutes! Thank you for involving me in the fun! Mom

  2. Cakengineer! You are a very talented person! I really like the Bison Cake you made, it looked really good, and I do recall that it tasted pretty good too! Good job.