Currently my Mom and I are taking the fourth wilton cake decorating course. (We thought the course was fondant flowers, its not its mostly covering a cake in fondant but there are a lot of helpful hints!) The course requires us to drape fondant to look like fabric, so we thought that we could easily drape the fabric to look like a ghost!

I was really pleased with how this cake turned out! The middle layer was a orange flavoured cake, and the bottom layer chocolate (there was a small chocolate layer under the ghost) Im new to the blog thing so I didn't take as many photos, ill try better next time! I do have a photo of the cake prior to candy corn... I think that the candy corn made it though!

And a close up of the bag of candy....

The cake was a huge hit! Almost the whole cake was gone!
Finally heres a photo of the party guests behind the cake, group shot!

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  1. That was an awesome cake Chelsea, and a great party too!!

    Congratulations on the blog, great idea!