Sorry for the delay in posting anything new, school and then a trip to mexico left little time to bake! Im currently working on some stuff for my engineering graduation however i'm going to post those as a complete set so for now lets take a look at some cupcakes!

Cupcake #1-Rainbow Cupcakes

I made these for my friends birthday. Her B-day is in February and she misses the summer on her birthday so i thought i'd bake her up some bright coloured treats! (Baked in brightly coloured cupcake liners of course!)

Cupcake #2 - Lions, Elephants and Monkeys? Oh My!

Last summer one of my friends volunteered her time in Africa and I made these for her as a going away present. The elephant is for sure my favourite!

Cupcake #3 Sprinkles!

These cupcakes were made to experiment with different types of cupcake batter and new pretty sprinkles! Simple and Cute.

Cupcakes #4 Spaghetti and Meatballs...

This cupcake design is from the book Hello Cupcake.. it Features easy to make cupcake designs. This one was made for my boyfriends dad. One of his favorite meals is Spaghetti and meat sauce.

The sauce is simply strawberry jam and the 'meatballs' are chocolates. with white chocolate grated over the top to resemble parmesan cheese!

Yum! Thats all I have time for today... thanks for looking!