Giant Cupcake!

Last month, my Mom got me a cupcake cake pan, its really easy to use, the cake cooks in two parts and then you simply buttercream them together! I used the cake pan the first time I could, for my boyfriends sister, Emma. (The theme was Pink)

I love the little cupcakes to!

Then, using the cupcake pan again... (no point wasting a good pan, you need to test it!) I made a cake for a friends Birthday..

(With the leftover Bison cake chocolate curls (cake to come))

Bake Sale/How to Make R2D2

Im currently in the process of finishing my fourth year of Engineering. Im planning the grad and as a fundraiser we did a bake sale! The bake sale was a huge success, but with a building full of engineers how could the periodic table made out of cupcakes and a R2D2 cake raffle go wrong?

Photos of the making of R2D2 to come!

To make R2D2 I started with 3 8inch cakes and one domed 8'' cake. These cakes were stacked together and crumb coated with buttercream.

Notice the pile of cake crumbs in the background? My Mom made me a stand for my cake,

The legs were carved out of Rice Krispies....

The Legs and body(now placed on the stand) were then covered in MMF, he looks kinda naked...

Now R2 gets decked out with blue and grey fondant.. I brushed the grey fondant with silver pearl dust to make the grey look silver.

I was really pleased with the end result, we raffled off the cake, the student that won was pretty excited!

Minnie Mouse!

Last year, for my 21st birthday, I was just getting into the cake decorating thing. This is my very first layered cake and the first time making fondant decorations. I had a disney themed party, everyone had to dress up as their favourite disney character. The best part of the party for me was making all of the Disney themed sweets! I started with the cake, (in Minnie Mouse Colours)

This is the rough iced cake in buttercream... I then made the iconic bow and a yellow minnie mouse shoe and some other various fondant decorations and finished it up!

Isn't it Cute?
And here is the back!
Seeing as im a student and do anything to avoid homework I also made Minnie and Mickey Mouse cupcakes! I started with chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and stuck 2 oreo halves (the side with no icing) in the top.
oops, some of the Oreos still have the cream filling! oh well, I then heated up regular chocolate and buttercream icing and just dipped the cupcakes in the icing to coat them so that they looked like mickey mouse ears, after a few fondant bows the cupcakes were ready to go!

Here is a photo of the cupcakes on their own stand....

Cute aren't they? And finally just because i didn't think that a Disney cake and cupcakes weren't enough I enlisted my brother to help me make Mickey Head Pretzels! (The first batch were such a hit that my boyfriend and my brother proceeded to eat the whole batch and I had to make another the day of!)

Here are the unbaked pretzels. (notice the one attempt at a Minnie Bow)
And the baked pretzel!

The party was a huge hit, (for me anyway) here is the completed dessert table. I was very please with the overall result.
The party was completed with a Mickey Mouse ice cube tray, Mickey Mouse serving platter and a Minnie Mouse Martini cocktail!
And that is all I have to say (for now anyway!) about Minnie Mouse desserts!