Minnie Mouse!

Last year, for my 21st birthday, I was just getting into the cake decorating thing. This is my very first layered cake and the first time making fondant decorations. I had a disney themed party, everyone had to dress up as their favourite disney character. The best part of the party for me was making all of the Disney themed sweets! I started with the cake, (in Minnie Mouse Colours)

This is the rough iced cake in buttercream... I then made the iconic bow and a yellow minnie mouse shoe and some other various fondant decorations and finished it up!

Isn't it Cute?
And here is the back!
Seeing as im a student and do anything to avoid homework I also made Minnie and Mickey Mouse cupcakes! I started with chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and stuck 2 oreo halves (the side with no icing) in the top.
oops, some of the Oreos still have the cream filling! oh well, I then heated up regular chocolate and buttercream icing and just dipped the cupcakes in the icing to coat them so that they looked like mickey mouse ears, after a few fondant bows the cupcakes were ready to go!

Here is a photo of the cupcakes on their own stand....

Cute aren't they? And finally just because i didn't think that a Disney cake and cupcakes weren't enough I enlisted my brother to help me make Mickey Head Pretzels! (The first batch were such a hit that my boyfriend and my brother proceeded to eat the whole batch and I had to make another the day of!)

Here are the unbaked pretzels. (notice the one attempt at a Minnie Bow)
And the baked pretzel!

The party was a huge hit, (for me anyway) here is the completed dessert table. I was very please with the overall result.
The party was completed with a Mickey Mouse ice cube tray, Mickey Mouse serving platter and a Minnie Mouse Martini cocktail!
And that is all I have to say (for now anyway!) about Minnie Mouse desserts!

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  1. your mom shared this blog site with her work colleagues--so I checked it out.
    Your cakes are brilliant, it sounds like you're having a lot of fun with this 'home' work :)
    Congrats on a great blog, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your creations!