A Kind-of Birthday Cake!

A classic birthday cake, white buttercream, shell border, piped birthday message... and of course sprinkles! Yum! However this birthday cake is a little different... My friend Jayla's birthday is in February. However, Jayla HATES winter. Seeing as we live in Canada February is a chilly month! (One of the coldest actually...) So she celebrates her birthday on her half birthday in August. Well... for a half birthday you need a Half birthday cake! 

 People kept asking why we cut the cake before everyone got there!

And the cake didn't taste half-bad! haha enjoy the obvious pun! 

Anyway Happy Baking!

Summer Fun!

One of my favourite summer activities is heading to the lake, hoping onto my cousins boat and going for a tube ride! As it happens I got a chance to go to the lake (a short 12 hour drive) for a week and even got in a tube ride or two! 
The inspiration for this cake came from this cake pan that I found at Superstore for 5 bucks! 
Its technically a donut cake pan, but serves its purpose as a tube cake pan! 

Here is the time-lapse video of the cake being made!

And, Drumroll please...... the finished cake! 

The handles are my favourite part!

Summer time... and the living is easy....

Now that its officially summer, (After the equinox, all the kids are out of school, both Canada and the US have had their july long weekends) its time for a summer cake! And this one is a perfect example of a summer cake! So one of my friends from high school asked for a cake for her boyfriends birthday. (Which is today!) She wanted a re-creation of his boat pulling a tube.
Cute isn't it?
Tee-hee there are even pop cans!

And how would you get back into the boat without a ladder?!

Makes me want to go swimming/boating... good thing I have a holiday to the lake planned for next week! Can't wait to get up to the lake! 

Anyway hope you had a great long weekend! 
Happy Baking! 

Oh Canada!

Happy Canada Day everyone! I found these cute cupcake liners on sale (whoo hoo!) and wanted to make some cute cupcakes to show them off! 

Simply french vanilla cupcakes with a vanilla buttercream, but they look cute, and taste amazing! (Unfortunately I got my wisdom teeth out wednesday and still can't eat solid foods.Vanilla milkshakes for me!)
 These ones with sprinkles are filled with raspberry jam.. yum!

Here they are on a red background, I think I like the white better. I am missing my yellow background though.. I cut it up to use it as signs for the girl guide camp... time to buy some new poster board!

 Anyway Happy Canada Day Everyone! Off to watch the fireworks tonight!!!! (I LOVE fireworks, they are my fav!)

Happy Baking everyone!