Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

 The second cool grooms cake for the week! This will be a short post, but a neat one! My cousin got married last April (almost a year ago! Happy Almost 1 year Anniversary!) and she asked for a grooms cake that looked like her now husbands car!

 She sent me a picture and I did my best! I think it turned out pretty good... but the next time I make a car cake I'm going to do it more like the Millennium Falcon, I would build a wood base and decorate the car around it, so it looks more like the wheels are supporting the car.

I love the cans hanging off the back.. they are by far my favorite part! 

Anyway, Happy Baking! 

And We're Back!

It has been a crazy, busy and wonderful year! I got married last summer, and although that in no way makes up for my terrible (lack) of blogging efforts, it was a whole bunch of fun! I spend most of my time before the wedding preparing for the wedding. Some people don't like planning their wedding. I LOVED it! Every minute of it. Even though this is a cake blog, indulge me by letting me show a few pictures of all the wedding projects. (although i'll try to keep the craft posts short and sweet!) But today is looking at wedding cakes, more specifically, my wedding cakes!

I made both my cakes before the wedding... some tips if you are making your own wedding cake make it out of Styrofoam. I made the cake the week before, but it settled during the week and got kind of lumpy looking. (forgive me.... when I'm making someone elses wedding cake I do it the day before but this wasn't an option this time!)

 I made all the flowers on the cake out of gum paste and the MR & MRS sign was an Easter weekend well spent!

All the work I did on the wedding cake and the sign was almost (not quite, but almost) pointless... because everyone LOVED the grooms cake! My husband is a pretty big starwars fan so as a surprise I made him a Millennium Falcon grooms cake! It took my mom and I a full weekend (the bachelor party weekend as a matter of fact) to make the cake. We even got to have a bit of an adventure with a jig saw! All in the name of making the great cake!

 I ordered the figures on Amazon.... I think the seller was shocked that i was going to take them out of the original packaging! (don't worry.. they aren't collectibles... they were less than 5 bucks each!)

My mom spend a good amount of time making the gun at the top accurate... doesn't it make the whole cake complete? 

Cutting the cake with a light saber... pretty fitting right? The groom and groomsman got them as gifts from me the morning of the wedding. we had a blast with them!
(My mom made the bridesmaid dresses and the top to my dress, aren't they great?) 

Anyway... thank you for letting me indulge with my wedding post! (there may be one... or two more...) 

Happy Baking!