Bake Sale/How to Make R2D2

Im currently in the process of finishing my fourth year of Engineering. Im planning the grad and as a fundraiser we did a bake sale! The bake sale was a huge success, but with a building full of engineers how could the periodic table made out of cupcakes and a R2D2 cake raffle go wrong?

Photos of the making of R2D2 to come!

To make R2D2 I started with 3 8inch cakes and one domed 8'' cake. These cakes were stacked together and crumb coated with buttercream.

Notice the pile of cake crumbs in the background? My Mom made me a stand for my cake,

The legs were carved out of Rice Krispies....

The Legs and body(now placed on the stand) were then covered in MMF, he looks kinda naked...

Now R2 gets decked out with blue and grey fondant.. I brushed the grey fondant with silver pearl dust to make the grey look silver.

I was really pleased with the end result, we raffled off the cake, the student that won was pretty excited!

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  1. Awesome, I really like this & the step by step tutorial. How did you get the grey fondant if you don't mind me asking?