Its Christmas party season and nothing says Christmas like Candy! Peppermint candy especially!
My mom and I were wandering through homesense and saw this ribbon candy. I'd never had/used ribbon candy and I though it would look good on a cake, just simple, with only ribbon candy....

 The next week i found round peppermints so it would be only a round cake with ribbon candy and peppermints..

and then ribbon candy, peppermints and candy canes!

I love Christmas Candy! The cake turned out really well... with a candy cane/ribbon candy cake top, a peppermint tier holder and lots of crushed up candy canes! (Dont worry it was only the broken ones... those little candy canes are damn near impossible to unwrap without breaking them! Oh, and crushing the candy canes is great stress relief!)

The cake itself is a white chocolate cake with peppermint buttercream frosting... it was awesome.
Here are a couple more shots from different angles!

Now white chocolate cake goes great with a white chocolate christmas martini! with any un-broken mini candy canes used a stir sticks.

1oz White Chocolate Liqueur
1/2oz Peppermint Shnapps
1/2oz Vanilla Vodka

Yum! Okay... Now back to Studying Semiconductors!

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