Star Wars week Day 6!

Super fast post tonight, it is party planning in full swing at the apartment! 

So for my room mates b day I got him a starwars lunch kit that came with sandwich cutters! So I though... I cold make donuts with those cutters! Turns out... they don't work to well. but man they taste awesome! (Just so you know the donuts are supposed to be the Millennium Falcon and a Ti Fighter.) 

 Kinda ti- fighter like... but naked!
 mmmm thats better! Nothing that a little CHOCOLATE wont fix!

The mellenium falcon was a lost cause I think though... I even added a strip of blue sprinkles but it still isn't very Facon- like... Oh well I guess i'll just have to eat them! 

(A video of making the donuts to come!!! Stay Tuned and Happy Baking!) 

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