Star Wars Week! Day 1

Duuuuun Duuuun Dun Dun Dun DAAAAAAAN duuuun dun dun dun DAAAAAAD dun da da da daaaaa!!!!

In case you had a hard time figuring that out thats the Star Wars theme song! (read it again while humming the theme... go ahead, I'll wait.... )

So exciting news! It is STAR WARS WEEK on my blog. no where else. but anyway... I am having a star wars party at my new(ish) apartment and therefore need to bake some star wars sweets! The party is on June 24th. (which, after a quick google search, that is the date of the 34 anniversary of the release of 'A New Hope' in Canada!) so lets get started on Star Wars Week!

DAY 1.

Since I am at girl guide camp today and posting this from my tent (wooden cabin) in the rain, lets start with a previously made Star Wars Treat.

R2D2! This was made for a school bake sale, since I was in Engineering and 98% of the student body are nerds this was a popular cake! ( we raffled it off as a fundraiser. I then gave a 'technical' talk on making the cake the next semester!)

I did the making of R2D2 in a previous post, but i'll show it again!

To make R2D2 I started with 3 8inch cakes and one domed 8'' cake. These cakes were stacked together and crumb coated with buttercream. 

Notice the pile of cake crumbs in the background? My Mom made me a stand for my cake, 

The legs were carved out of Rice Krispies.... 

The Legs and body(now placed on the stand) were then covered in MMF, he looks kinda naked... 

Now R2 gets decked out with blue and grey fondant.. I brushed the grey fondant with silver pearl dust to make the grey look silver. 

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