Star Wars Week, Day 4!

Star wars Cupcakes!!! 

I found these AWESOME cupcake sets at Williams Sonoma this spring and loved them. Unfortunately I didn't buy them because I am an idiot, however Williams Sonoma now ships to Canada! Woot! 

The kit includes these awesome cupcake liners as well so that Chewy and the bots can get in on the cupcake fun/action! 

The 'Rebel Scum' cupcakes are Strawberry Cream with a strawberry buttercream topping! Yum! The recipe is very simple, make your favourite vanilla cake recipe and chop up a whole bunch of strawberries really small and mix them in! Yum! 

 The Empire cupcakes are Blue Lemonade (Blue because the Empire wrappers were blue and lemon because I LOVE lemon cupcakes. They are my fav for sure!)
 I love the storm troopers. They are going to make a good addition to my next cake! It has been a busy day let me tell you! Decorating cupcakes, making an awesome cake... then tomorrow is another awesome star wars treat and cleaning the apartment for the party on Friday!
 I think the storm troopers kinda look like they are aiming for Darth but oh well!

Battle Young Skywalker!

Here is my favourite scene in the movies... Han is a close second for my favourite character, Artoo being my fav!
Anyway I'm off to decorate! 

Happy Baking! 

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