Star Wars Week, Day 7!

Thats no moon.... Its a cake! This cake was a huge challenge for me! I have never made a ball cake before and I think I know how to do it better now, always learning! I think next time I have to use stiffer fondant, my apartment is 1000 degrees so the fondant (and the cake) were melting. The MMF I use was just not up to the job! Next time I'll use gum paste or modeling chocolate and make a candy shell and sit the cake in it. All I have to do now is think up a reason to make another ball cake (Possibly a Snitch for the HP premier?!) 

Anyway... back to the Death Star! I wanted to give it the allusion that it was floating so I put it on an upside down clear martini glass! It worked pretty well and I think the photo's turned out well! 

 I LOVE glitter and sparkle dust, but my mom (and now my roommate) wont let me have it... HOWEVER they have not said anything about cake glitter! The silver pearl dust makes the details just pop!

 Here are some more beauty shots... I really liked how it turned out... but im sure the next ball cake will look even better!

 I used sliver and blue sparkles to look like the lights on the ship.
 All we need now is a x - wing flying into the cannon to blow up the ship! (with the Millennium Falcon swooping in to help!)

So here is how the Death Star was REALLY made...

(video doesn't have music as youtube has copyright issues. Can anyone suggest a song that is starwars-y that I can use?)  

Last parting shot of the death star and some party pics to come! 

Happy Baking!

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