Cheese Burger!

I... I... would... woooooood... like... lieeeek... to... toi... buy... buie... a... ahhhhh...hamburger... dbuigiear

A fantastic quote from The Pink Panther starring Steve Martin, and in my 'research' for my latest project I ate a lot of burgers! (And muttered this phrase in my head and giggles to my self more than once!) 

To make a good burger you start with a bun! I used a vanilla cake cut lengthwise for the bun, and since my cakes always seem to rise a lot more in the middle so I just left that part on for the top of the cake. 

The hamburger patty was the easiest part of the entire cake! It was just an un-iced chocolate cake!

Here is the fondant covered bottom bun with straws cut to the right height and stuck in for support.

First buttercream 'ketchup' is added to the bun, 

Then fondant onion rings...

Next up is fondant cheese and tomatoes.
Cute aren't they?
Next up is the lettuce,

And finally the buttercream 'mustard' which also acts as the glue for to hold the top bun on!

Some 'sesame seeds' for the bun and then you have a 'dburuiger!'

And thats all you need for a hamburger! Looks pretty good from the side where you can see all of the condiments! 
Happy Baking! 

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