Iron Ring

Sorry for the delay in posts, i've spent most of my time lately planning my engineering graduation banquet and trying to pass school... The banquet was last saturday and it went very well! (hopefully the passing school does to!) Anyway... when you graduate from engineering at a canadian university you get an Iron Ring. All canadian engineers have one and any recent graduate will tell you that this is a big deal! So naturally the theme for the banquet was iron rings and crystal structures. (crystal structures are studied extensively in materials engineering) The banquet went really well and of course there was a cake!

The navy blue icing did dye everyones tongue blue! The cake is ment to be a navy cake (club colours) with an iron ring around it and a large crystal on top. The boys requested a fondant free cake as most of the cakes i make are for them and they are getting sick of the marshmallow fondant. The cake had a bit of trouble getting to the hall but it looked good surrounded by blue and silver candy!

Also the Candy Bar was a huge hit! There was nothing left at the end of the night! Anyway thats it for today, I do have my first royal icing cookie attempt to post next week!

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