Something Blue!

This month I was lucky enough to get to make a wedding cake for a friend from University! Her wedding colours were Navy blue and lime green (so awesome!) and she picked a really cute cake design! 

 The ribbon matched the bridesmaid dresses! So cute!
 I loved this cake, I got a chance to practice making fondant roses (my poor BF had to listen to "does this look like a rose?" about 100 times) I think they turned out quite well!

This cake was a bit of a challange due to the size of the cake. It had to be assembled on site (I could hardly think the whole drive over I was so worried about the cake!) It was supported using the wilton layer plates and candy sticks as dowels. Each layer had 6 dowels that were measured to the height of the cake, so the cake plates balanced on the dowels. Overall it worked really well. Next layer cake I make I'll take pics of the process and post a tutorial. (I was too focused making the darn thing stay up to take photos!)

Anyway, That's all for now, Happy baking!

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