Billiard Engagement Cake!

This weeks cake is pretty special to me, it's an engagement cake for a good friend of mine! These love birds met a bar called 'The Billiard Club' so for an engagement cake we thought that a billiard theme cake would be perfect! 
 This cake is a Guinness chocolate cake with whipped Baileys frosting and a chocolate gnache filling, Yum!

To make it stand my awesome guy built me a little stand! Here is the base uncovered! (Don't worry... I wrapped it in saran wrap before putting the cake on it!)

I then trimmed the cake and smothered it in bailey frosting!

The covered it in tinted marshmallow fondant! The balls are gum balls with some fondant decorations!

 Cute right?
 To make it a bit more 'engagment-y' I added a veil to the white ball and a top hat to the 8 Ball!

 I also made some cupcakes to go with the cake (I wasn't sure how many people were going to be at the party) and decorated them with gumballs as well! The numbers on these balls aren't random though.. they are the date of the wedding!

Looking forward to making your wedding cake in July guys! Congrats again!

And Happy Baking!