Baby Shower!

One of my favourite things about making cakes is making them for special people! Like my brand new baby cousin! Her nursery colours are melon and pink, so a cake themed to the same colours seemed like a good idea. The cake itself is pretty basic, simple shapes covered in fondant. The cake topper is a small pair of converse sneakers, and the bottom layer is decorated with royal icing baby items. 

Im pretty pleased with how the sneakers came out, they look very cute and remind me of cabbage patch kids shoes! 

 I used an edible marker for the badge, and incorporated the baby's name into the design! They are Sally-brand converse!
 I traced out bottle shapes onto a piece of paper and taped wax paper on top. Then I used royal icing and the colour flow method to create the shapes. I allowed these to dry for a few days. It works well if you make a 'practice' one, so that you can see when they are dry and when they are ready to come off of the wax paper. (I had to travel with this cake for a couple hours, so I left the shaped on the paper until I assembled the cake.)

I used my tiny alphabet cookie cutters to cut out her name to put on the front, and then added small 'stitch' marks to add some cute. 

 I think that final cake turned out really well!


  1. What a cute cake, love those little sneakers! (You should enter this cake in the contest on my site.)

  2. I love the cakes. They are really adorable. Fantastic ideas, very creative! I would love to employ them somewhere, I think my friend's baby shower would be ideal! Thank you so much for sharing.