Happy New Year!

This year to ring in the new year, my cousin from Manitoba came to visit. It just happens to be her birthday new years day! She loves the city of London and so we decided to do the London skyline with the New Years Fireworks overtop. The building were cut out of gumpaste and allowed to dry for a couple days. The tiers were assembled and the firework sprinkles applied. After that it was just a matter of sticking on the buildings around the bottom. 

Cute isnt it? The top layer, and the bottom layer (behind the buildings) were vanilla cake soaked in vanilla syrup. The middle layer was chocolate, yum! 

The whole white layer was covered with memorable buildings in the London skyline, including Big Ben, The Tower Bridge, St. Pauls Cathedral and of course the memorable red bus!
The finishing touch was a small amount of sparklers coming out of the top of the cake, which really resembles the London Fireworks! 

 Happy New Year! Hope everyone has a great year! 

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